Here we are with another “Molkki” written episode update of 26th January 2021. In tonight’s episode will gonna see the Haldi function of Vaibhav and Priyu. Mukhiya Ji feels bad for not trusting Purvi and somewhere he is happy that Purvi was right and how she brings up the evidence. He is going on with numerous emotions for Purvi. And as he promises to Juhi and Mannas that he will try to take forgiveness from Purvi so, he wonders “In what ways he can do it?” Purvi didn’t forgive him till now so, he puts effort to take it.

Molkki Written Update

Mukhiya Ji tries to talk to her but she ignores him. After which he asks her why isn’t she is talking to her? Purvi replies “I know you haven’t trust me.” He says that “I’m ready to apologize to you for whatever happened to you.” Which makes Purvi happy and wonder that it’s the first time when Virender talks to her like this. During the Haldi, Rasam Virender applies Haldi on Purvi’s face.

There is another convo between them which is Purvi says to Virender that she had faced a lot in the last seven days due to Vaibhav’s misbehave. And Virender listening to her replies that “what she wants now from him, do I become her slave for next upcoming days?” And Purvi asks “Is he ready to become her slave for the next seven days?” Anjali can’t stop herself from doing evil things and she mixes red chili powder into the Haldi powder. Also, she tells Vaibhav to find Priyu’s mistakes and denies marrying Priyu.

In the last episode, we have seen that Virender justifies to Purvi that why didn’t he believed her as it was big blame and to accept it. It’s important to have evidence against it. Whereas Vaibhav asked everyone to forgive him. And Priyu said that there is only one way to get her dignity back and that is to get marry to Vaibhav.

After this Mukhiya Ji announced that the wedding will take place in the upcoming two days. After this, he went to Purvi and helped her in the kitchen. Where he gifted her a new phone by saying that she could call him in the emergency and whenever she feels like talking to him for urgent work. She saves his number with the name “Kuroor Sing” and Virender saves her number with “Bawri”. Stay tuned with us by following our site for more such written episode updates on “Molkki”. Watch it on Colors Tv at 10:00 PM, Mon-Fri.


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