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Molkki Written Update 23 February 2021 Today’s Full Episode: Mukhiya Ji Gets Arrested!


We are here with another “Molkki” written episode update of 23rd February  2021. The episode starts with Virendre says to Vaibhav he deserves punishment only for his evil deeds. But his mother requests him to leave Vaibhav. Virender being a Mukhiya refuses to accept his mother’s request and then she pleads to Purvi but she says I can’t do anything. And she cries. Virender recalls that Vaibhav has to die as he kills Priyu.

Molkki 23 February 2021 Written Update

Molkki23 February 2021

Then everyone joins the panchayat where Vaibhav is hanging for the punishment. His mother pleads a lot to him leave Vaibhav as she can’t live this way. But he didn’t listen to her and says it’s my duty to be a Mukhiya. He said Vaibhav has become the devil and the devil needs to be punished. Vaibhav kills Priyu and deserves to be hanged. But somehow Vaibhav succeeded to open a rope and he took advantage of everyone’s distraction and run from there in the car.

They run after him in another car and follow’s his car. Whereas Vaibhav points his gun at Virender and manages to run away. Vaibhav and Virender come in front of each other and Virender point his gun at Vaibhav. But later Vaibhav manages to hold a gun in his hands and he threatens Mukhiya Ji that will shoot him. While Mukhiya JI says that I have taken the right decision of your punishment as you not only killed Priyu you have also sent goons to kill me and even you not give respect to Purvi ever.

Vaibhav says to Virender that you never trust me and I have suffered a lot because of you and that illiterates. I was troubled by villagers all due to you. Virender tells that he loses his trust the day when he raped Priyu. Vaibhava claims that being a stepbrother, I have lost the hopes from you many years ago and will kill you today. But Vaibhav, unfortunately, falls due to a stone, and a gun falls from his hand. Which is picked up by Virender and everyone thinks Vaibhav is killed by Mukhiya Ji and the police arrest him.

Everyone starts to blame him that Virender kills his brother but the b truth is something else. And he thinks no one is gonna trust him hence he decides to remain quiet. On the other side, Purvi is also blamed by everyone in the house as she is Mukhiyain. Stay tuned with us by following our site for more such written episode updates on “Molkki”. Watch it on Colors Tv at 10:00 PM, Mon-Fri.

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