Home Entertainment Molkki Written Update 20th January 2021 Episode: Purvi Gets Kidnapped

Molkki Written Update 20th January 2021 Episode: Purvi Gets Kidnapped


We are here with another “Molkki” written episode update of 20 January 2021. In the last episode, we saw that everyone is at the dining, where Vaibhav mentions to Virender’s mother that he in love with Jyoti and wants to get married to her.  And decides that the engagement will be going to happen tomorrow. After this Virender Gots, a call from the inspector that Purvi is suffering from Nose bleeding and vomits.

Molkki Written Update 20th January 2021

Molkki 20th January 2021 Written Update

Mukhiya Ji told insprctoor to take her to the hospital. It was all part of Purvi’s plan so that she could anyhow come out of jail. Purvi somehow managed to enter the house, and successfully got the mobile to delete the video but it then fell into the bucket when Manas hugged her. After this Sudha and Purvi left thinking who is the blackmailer and what they will do now as only half an hour left.

Let’s read what will be going to happen in tonight’s episode.  The episode starts with Purvi prays to Kanhana Ji to help her find the evidence. And she starts searching for proof against a blackmailer.  While she is searching the room Virender notices her and asks why is she go into the room. Meanwhile, Suddha defends her by saying, she is searching the washroom. Police are also searching for evidence in all rooms.  And Purvi will finally have a piece of good luck that she founds evidence. She thanks, Kanhana Ji.

Then we will see that Anjali is the one behind all this. Where Purvi says to Anjali with tears in her eyes that she can’t believe that it was you who shoots the video and didn’t even stop Vaibhav while he was misbehaving with Priy. She taunts Anjali, shame on you, also warns her that she will tell the truth to Virender Singh Pratap.

Meanwhile, the engagement function going on inside the haveli. Everyone is busy enjoying the function. And Purvi sees Mukhiya Ji then she starts a walk towards him and shouts his name, to tell the truth, but she is kidnapped by someone. She might be kidnapped so, that the truth can’t be revealed. As of course, the culprit has fear of truth to be revealed. But Purvi will surely manage to reveal the culprits (Anjali and Vaibhav).

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