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Molkki Written Update 17th March 2021 Today’s Episode: Virender Slaps Purvi


You might be impatient to wait for the telecast of tonight’s episode of Molkki hence here you can catch the full episode written update of Molkki on 17 March 2021. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see how well Purvi use to vanish fake blame from her. As in the previous episode, we have seen that Karan tried to make Virender felt that there is something going on between him and Purvi.


Molkki 17th March 2021

He uses to hug Purvi intentionally to let Virender feel wrong about Purvi. Hence, Karan succeeded in his plan and Mikhiya JI gets jealous of it. While Karan and Nandini were going out Mukhiya Ji misunderstood Nanidi as Purvi and he got worried overthinking it.  And Karan didn’t stop here and keeps executed his plans against Purvi. While he was shot a fake video against her. On that plan along with Karan Virender’s mother is included to take revenge on Purvi.

In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see Mukhiya Ji goes angry with Purvi and he use to say Purvi to leave this house right now. Virender says I never think that you can do something like this. Nut Purvi tells him that this video is fake and how can you trust this video without even knowing the truth. She cries and asks Karn to tell the truth, and why he is standing quiet. While Karn uses to says things against Purvi.

Karan tells, “Purvi everyone got to know the truth and even video explained it all then why are we hiding things now. I love you and you know it.” His reply makes Putrvi angry and shock that “why is he lying as there is nothing like that between us.” Meanwhile, Mukhiya Ji asks Purvi to shut up and stop behaving like an innocent girl. Stop lying Mukhiyani, as now know your real side what kind of lady you are.

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On the other hand, Prakashi uses to get happy as her plan is succeeding. While Vitrernder slaps Purvi and goes rude to her. Meanwhile, Purvi keeps tries to defend herself and make everyone understand the truth. But no one is listening to her. Even Mamma Ji also goes rude to her and says that “I never expect something like this to you.” Anjali is enjoying everything as she hates Purvi and happy to see her in this situation. Watch the full episode on colors tv at 10:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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