Here we are with another written episode update of “Molkki” on 3rd February 2021. The episode begins with Purvi is thanking Khana Ji for resolving all the problems of her and Priyashi’s life. Meanwhile, Virender gives a hilarious statement “Spare Khana Ji and give him some break as Priyashi’s wedding succeeded.” And tells her to sleep now, she picks up the pillow and he exclaims that it’s him, she can’t take it and both started snatching it during which his back hets an ache.


Later she gives a message to him and realizes that he is just behaving fake and she threatens him with a needle and he tells I’m fine now. Where Purvi exclaims “Pain luck on sewing needle”. He clarifies her statement that “pain lucks by her massage”. On the other side, Priyu warns Vaibhav to let her sleep in bed otherwise she will scream and tells Virender. He quietly goes to sleep on a sofa and murmurs that “do take a peaceful sleep tonight as by tomorrow I will jam your life with trouble.”

Virender needs to go out for the property deal so, he informs Purvi about it but the button of his shirt comes out and she uses it to set it during this they have romantic eye contact. On the other side, Vaibhav comes and orders Priyu to give him a tea in which she adds chili powder and he suffers, Maa tells Priyu to feed him a Kheer and he again screams as it was hot. Virender asks Priyu whether she was fine last night or Vaibhav troubles her. Where she replies she was fine and Vaibhav keep asking for forgiveness. Then Vaibhav wonders “thank god she didn’t say anything wrong.”

Purvi overhears a conversation of a stranger that “they need to make a profitable deal before truth reveals.” Later this stranger comes to her and asks for Vaibhav. Both of them planned a strategy against Virender regarding property loss. There is a face revealing ceremony of Priyu. Anjali and Jyoti are jealous of Priyanshi’s ceremony.

Sudha reminds Purvi that they are Molkki’s not nor bahus. And they don’t have the right to attend such ceremonies. Virender overhears their convo and tells Maa that Purvi will also attend the ceremony. Stay tuned with us by following our site for more such written episode updates on “Molkki”. Watch it on Colors Tv at 10:00 PM, Mon-Fri.


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