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Molkki Today’s Written Episode Update 4th February 2021: Virender and Purvi’s Pinky Promise?


Here we are with another written episode update of “Molkki” on 4th February 2021. The episode begins with Virend prop up against the Molkki by supporting his wife Purvi. He says if anyone has a problem with Purvi attending the ceremony and follow the ritual then they may leave the house. Listening to it Maa goes emotional and she tells Priyu to touch Vaibhav’s feet but she denied it by saying she has a backache last night.

Molkki 4th February 2021

Later Purvi has a conversation on what people thinking about the backache matter. Meanwhile, Virender drags her hand and the glass of waterfall. After it, children use to go out of the room. Purvi goes behind them and she hugs Manas. She tells them Virender is reacting to her just like your friends use to react with you. Virender overhearing their convo and he wonders “Purvi is a right mother for my kids no matter how much she argues with me”.

At the night Purvi notices a maid going out but she wonders “Why is she leaving at night rather than in the day”? Vaibhav tries to convince Virender of the land deal by explaining the benefits of the land. Whereas Virender doubts him “why he is involving this much?” And tells Vaibhav to take care of Priyu on honeymoon. Vaibhav calls his friend and asks how can he escape from Priyu. Meanwhile, Anjali comes and tells him the idea which is overheard by Priyu. And both the ladies taunt each other.

Purvi and Virender accept a pinky promise to each other that they will not argue in front of kids. The next morning. Vaibhav packs his bad to run out of the house and wonders Vitender’ll also be jailed because of the property deal meanwhile Priyu is sleeping. But when he is about to leave Buaji comes and stops him, immediately Priyu wakes up and says they are leaving for the honeymoon right now.

Mukhiya Ji is suffering from a throat problem hence, Purvi suggests him to come with him to the auction as his voice and he agrees with her. Purvi smiles looking at the paper. On the other side, Priyu teases Vaibhav that he’ll never be able to find a way to escape from her. While Vaibhav wonders that he’ll gonna trouble her a lot on the honeymoon as Virender will be jailed tomorrow. Stay tuned with us by following our site for more such written episode updates on “Molkki”. Watch it on Colors Tv at 10:00 PM, Mon-Fri.

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