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Molkki Today’s Written Episode Update 18th February 2021: Differences In Between Virender and Purvi!


We are back with the written update of the Colors Tv named “Molkki”. The episode with Purvi as she is not ready to go home with Virendra and sits in the middle. She says to him that she won’t go anywhere with him as he didn’t bring a rose for her. Virender picks her in his lap. She murmurs and says that he has no feeling for love, so, he didn’t give her a rose. she started to insist and says that she want a rose right now. He bought a red rose and heart shape balloon and give it to her.



Later, Purvi confesses her love in front of Virendra in a drunken condition. Virendra gets shocked to hear her words. The next morning, Purvi awakens and sees Virendra was sleeping on the floor. Virendra wakes up and recalls Purvi’s words to see her. Purvi asks him that why he is sleeping on the floor. He says he suffered from back pain last night that’s why he thinks to sleep here and leaves. Vaibhav and his mom were trying to find Vaibhav’s passport. Purvi sees them and wonders that he is searching for her passport. She thinks that maybe he is planning something again.

Later, Prakashi tells her that he needs money that’s why he is going to take a loan from the bank for starting a new business so that he submit it with his documents. Purvi sees a shirt with blood stains and asks Vaibhav if he knows something about this shirt but he refuses. Prakashi says that the rat would have died in the bed. Purvi leaves from there to give tea. Virendra didn’t take breakfast and leaves. He continuously recalling her words and in shock.

Purvi arrives at college and sees Karan. He says to her that she saved her life yesterday but not next time. She goes to Sudha and asks her about last night. Her friend tells her about last night. She tells her all his dramas what she has done yesterday. Then Purvi wonders why Virendra was acting strange as he is angry with him. In the next scene, Purvi fells drink on Karan’s shirt, he goes to wash it. But Purvi locks him in the bathroom, so that, she could teach him a lesson and he will never do this again with any of the girls. Purvi reaches home, kids ask her to go on the terrace. Kids lock them at the terrace. Purvi thinks she should talk to him about last night. Don’t forget to watch “Molkki” on Colors Tv at 10 pm. Stay tuned with us.

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