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Molkki Today’s Update 27th April 2021 Written Episode: Prakashi and Sakshi Fighting


In the first scene of the episode, Prakashi and Sakshi are seeing having a fight in which Sakshi has been slapped by her and is seeing holding her wrist tightly and she further instructed her to not to leave the premises again as if tries to do this again, she is going to break her legs and Sakshi is seeing shaking nervously as Prakashi leave the room. Anjali is asking her that what is she going to do next and she says that they are going to do something which will make their relationship more weak and will be unable to handle their relationship.


Further stating that they are finally going to overshadow the Molkki and further said that they need to stop giving medicines to her to which Anjali replied that she is going to be an issue and obstacle in their plan if they stop giving her the medicines that they are giving her right now as she advices Anjali that she already doesn’t have much of brains so its better to not to use it and let her do the thinking part and follow the instructions to which she asked her that what is she going to do next to which she replied that she’ll let her know when the time comes further stating that she will not be able to recover from this shock and no will ever doubt them ever again.

In the next scene Purvi sees a photo album in which she saw the house as Virender asks Purvi  to select one of the houses from the given choices in the album as she asks him about the particular house as he replies that this is their farmhouse which is in Goa right now to which she replied that that why didn’t he inform her about this before as she has never seen a beach and she got all excited about the place to which he replied that he has decided that they are going to get married in Goa and the marriage will be held on the beach as her saying is a command for her and he will do whatever makes her happy as she got really happy and thanked him.

Mama ji, Anjali, Prakashi and the kids enter the hall and he announced that they are going to get married in Goa and all the kids got pretty excited after hearing the news as Virender tells his mother to go on with the preparation that are required and we all are going to leave the place in the evening as Virender instructs Purvi to inform this to Priyu and Sudha too as it cant be fun without them not attending the marriage as Virender also teases Mama ji to pack some extra clothes as he states that he’ll be requiring it just in case he loses his dhoti on the beach.

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