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Molkki Today’s Episode 24th March 2021 Written Update: Puja Ceremony


The episode starts with Purvi as she goes to take ingredients for puja from the storeroom of the temple. Bhuri gets to know that the cave lady runs away from her place. She thinks if Prakashi learns that the lady escapes from the place then she definitely kills her and starts searching for her. On the other side, that lady came to the temple where Virendra and his family comes for puja. Virendra asks Panditji about the puja. He makes a call to Purvi.


Purvi sees the dream that Virendra calls her and she starts taunting saying why he is calling her. Doesn’t he believe her? He says to her he respects her very much that is why he wants her to accept her apology. He says to her that Parvati also didn’t get angry with Shivji. She replies to him that Shivji loved Parvati so much. Virendra says he also loves her like him. He pulls her towards him and kisses her. Then asks her now she believes in his words and again tries to kiss her but she hugs her.

Back to reality, She says her dream will always be a dream and collects ingredients from the storeroom. But Anjali locks the door from the outside of the storeroom and throws kerosene around the room. Purvi gets stunned to see fire around the room and starts screaming. After that, Anjali tells Prakashi that she executed the plan successfully and soon she will get good news, she gets amuse. On the other side, Bhuri informs Prakashi about the cave lady. She asks her to find her before she reaches Virendra. That unknown lady gets scared to see Bhuri in the temple.

Virendra notices Purvi’s call and goes to save her from the fire. They both remember their first meeting and got lost. The nuptial chain of Purvi inserts in Virendra’s shirt. Purvi tries to fix it. Cave lady reaches around the storeroom. Virendra asks Purvi why she is not forgiving him and asks to accept the apology. They both go for Sakshi’s puja. Purvi is thinking about who locked her inside the room says maybe someone wants to kill her and bumps with that cave lady.

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