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Molkki Today’s Episode 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Virendra Give Punishmen To Vaibhav!


We are back with the written update of the Colors Tv serial named “Molkki”.  The episode starts with Purvi as she came home and the kids say to her that they are waiting for her for so long. Purvi says to them to go to their room and she is coming soon with yummy food. While going to the kitchen, she sees Vaibhav is having fun with his friends. She thinks that it is a good time to check his room as she has doubt about Vaibhav that he has done something to Priyu. She goes to his room and finds a box. Purvi hides the box as Vaibhav is coming there.


Later, Purvi sees Vaibhav is talking to his friend about duplicate and tells him aadhar number. She overhears their conversation. Purvi thinks that Vaibhav is definitely done something that is why he is preparing for going out of the country. Purvi gets shocked when she sees the weapon in that box. Purvi says she will find his misdeed at any cost. She says Mukhi Ji is the only person who can help her to find Vaibhav’s crime and decides to talk to him about this matter. When Purvi goes to his room, the kids say to her that Virender instructs them to sleep with him.

Purvi says to the kids to go to sleep in their room. Virender denies and asks the kids to sleep with him only. The next morning, Purvi takes permission to Prakashi for a learn driving. She says that she will ask her to drive to make her learn to drive. Prakashi tells Virender to teach driving to Purvi. Virender says he has other work to do. Prakashi says it doesn’t look good that the driver is teaching her, Virendra agrees. Virender goes to teach her driving. Virendra holds her hand, they both look into each other eyes. They both lose their focus and the car collides with a tree.

Virender takes the car to the Garage and sees Vaibhav’s car there. He asks him that how this car reaches his shop. The mechanic tells him the car met with a very bad accident. He also hands over a necklace to him and tells him that he finds it from the car. Later, Purvi tells everything to Virendra. She said to her that this time, he will not spare him. Virender finds Vaibhav and asks him about Priyu. He says he hasn’t found her body so maybe, she is not dead. Virender decides to give him punishment in the Panchayat. Don’t forget to watch “Molkki” at 10 pm. Stay tuned with us.

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