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Molkki Today’s Episode 1st July 2021 Written Update: Sakshi Hurt By Virendra’S Allegations!


Today’s episode begins with the Sangeet ceremony starts and the relatives are arriving at the house. Meanwhile, Purvi’s friend Sudha also comes there and gets shocked seeing the preparations. She goes to Purvi and asks what is going on here. Purvi says to her friend that she will tell her everything later and goes from there. The celebration starts and everyone will be seen enjoying the function. Anjali thinks if Virender will see Purvi and Vipul dancing together at the function then he must be very angry. Then she goes to Purvi and Vipul and asks them to dance together as this is their sangeet function.


Purvi sees Virender first and then starts dancing with Vipul. They both dance together. Virender sees them and feels angry and jealous. He is about to stop them but stops remembering Purvi’s words and the promise, he made to Purvi. He imagines himself dancing with Purvi but then comes to reality soon. Virender goes to his room leaving the function in the middle. Virender recalls the moment which he shared with Purvi and also remembers how she was dancing with Vipul. He feels furious thinking all this. He says to himself that he can’t see his Bawri with someone else’s. He says that he is not able to forget her even after closing her eyes.

Recalling Purvi, Virender starts drinking alcohol. He takes Purvi’s name again and again. He gets very drunk. On the other hand, everyone is enjoying the Sangeet ceremony while dancing and singing. After some time, Virender comes down in a drunk state and suddenly her leg slips on the stairs. He falls down saying Bawri. Purvi immediately notices him falling and rushes to him leaving Vipul’s hand. Purvi collides with the waiter and some glasses break down on the floor but Purvi without realizing it she runs towards Virender.

Seeing Virender’s state, Purvi gets worried and tries to wake him up. She places his head on her lap and asks him to wake up. She says get up Mukhiji get up. Meanwhile, everyone stands shocked aside. The kids also get tensed seeing Virender’s condition. When Purvi sees that Virender is not responding to anything then she confesses her love in front of everyone which shocks everyone. She says that she loves him so much and asks him to get up. However, Virender will be okay after some time and will gain consciousness. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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