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Molkki, Today’s 27th May 2021, Written Episode Update, Virendra Erupts In Rage!


The episode starts with Virender tells Purvi that he can’t leave for Delhi without seeing her so he asks the kids for help. She says thanks to him and says if he would go without meeting then she felt bad. He asks her to take care of everyone and herself too. He moves. Purvi notices a girl who was coming to her but suddenly faints. She takes her into the house. Sakshi comes to her and says if she finds a girl and took her inside the house. Purvi shows her that girl, Sakshi recognizes her as Radhika who is Aarti’s sister.


Purvi tells her that she was seeking the help of Virender. Suddenly, they hear the voice of Radhika’s parents who are fighting with the security guard and asks him for Radhika. Sakshi and Purvi go to them and tells them that Radhika is taking a rest and she came here for Virender’s help. They ask them if they know what happened to Radhika as Radhika said to Purvi that she doesn’t want to go with her parents. Her father shouts at her. Purvi thinks about why she doesn’t want to go with her parents.

On the other hand, Sakshi makes a call to Aarti and asks her about Radhika. She tells her that Radhika is pregnant and wants to go to her lover instead of her husband. She asks her to send her with the parents. Sakshi tells Purvi whatever Aarti said to her. Radhika pleads to save her. Purvi says that she is feeling something fishy. Purvi says that she can’t send her till Virender comes back as she came here for Virender’s help. Her parents warn them saying if they won’t send her daughter with them then they will call the police. Purvi asks them to do what they want.

On the other hand, Prakashi manipulates Sakshi against Purvi saying that Purvi doesn’t respect her decision. Purvi comes to her and says thanks to her. She is happy that she supports her. Purvi and Sakshi decide to talk to Radhika first then only take any decision. Radhika tells that Aarti is lying. She tells them that she is pregnant and it’s a girl. She says that her husband and parents want a boy that’s why they want to abort her child. Purvi consoles her. Here, Prakashi is planning something along with Vikas and Aarti. Don’t miss the episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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