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Molkki Today’s 16th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Virendra Heartbroken!


We are back with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Molkki”. The episode starts with Prakashi as she asks Virendra about Purvi when he came home alone. Virendra replies to her that Purvi wanted to stay at the party more, so she is enjoying it there. He adds that she doesn’t think about the kids. Prakashi says she knows that  Purvi is the mother of his children but we should also know that she herself is a child who wanted to enjoy her life full of joy. So, there is nothing wrong with it if she wants to spend some time with her friends.


Prakashi asks him not to scold her when she returns. He leaves from there. After he went from there, Prakashi says that it is the beginning of suffering. In the coming time, he is going to suffer a lot as she will make his entire life hell. Karan and Naina celebrate their victory. On the other hand, Purvi says thanks to Sudha as she drops her at home. She tells Sudha that she is going to fight with Mukhiji as he left her alone at the party. Purvi enters the house and goes to her room and calls Virendra to open the door. She wonders what happened to Virender. Why he is behaving so strangely. She goes to the kids’ room and slept.

Prakashi notices everything. The next morning, the kids wake Purvi up with kisses. She takes her downstairs, everyone wishes her birthday. Prakashi says that she plans a party for her. She asks her what she wants as a gift. she says whatever she has done, is enough for her and if she wants to give something to her then give her blessings. She says I will curse you so that her son’s soul rest in peace. She asks her to go to the room and brings Virendra downstairs as guests will start to come. Purvi moves from there. Prakashi says she doesn’t know that her relationship with Virendra is going to ruin after this party.

Purvi goes to her room. Virendra reminisces Purvi’s words. She asks her why he is not talking to her. He asks where she disappeared from the party without telling him. Kids come to the room and ask Virendra to wish their mother. Purvi says that she will have to apologize to Virendra and wear the necklace which Virender gifted her. At the party, Virendra gets furious when he sees Karan come at the party with a cake and put the cake on Purvi’s face. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors TV at 10 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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