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MOLKKI Today’s 10 March 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi Is Stunned


We have come with another written update of the Colors TV serial named “Molkki”. The episode starts with Purvi as she goes to the kitchen to bring water as Karan has come to the house. but by mistake, waterfalls down on Karan’s shirt. She gets worried and says sorry to him. Purvi wipes water from his shirt, someone records their actions. Purvi asks if she brings any shirt for him but he refuses and says he will change at his home as he is going to the home and says don’t take stress for me. He moves from there.


On the other hand, Bhuri packs knives in a bag which Anjali gave to her. While packing, Bhuri gets tensed and says to Anjali that they are doing wrong. Anjali says to her that sometimes they have to do inappropriate things to keep the secret. Anjali says Purvi also keeping her eyes on them so they have to take precautions as if she knows the secret then everything will be destroyed. Later, Purvi notices them again and sees they are packing something. Purvi bump into Anjali and her bags open in front of her. She asks her what is she doing with knives. Purvi makes a false excuse and runs from there.

Virendra gives a drone to the kids as a gift. He teaches her how it will function. Purvi comes there with juice and handover to Kids. Purvi notices that drone and what kind of thing it is and how it comes here. Virendra tells her too about the drone and gets a call. Purvi uses the drone with Manas and Juhi. Suddenly she notices there is something appearing in the drone camera. She sees a lady is in the cave whose hands and legs are bound. She wonders how she reaches there and thinks she has to find the truth.

Purvi reaches there and sees Anjali and Bhuri are coming from that cave, she says this time, she found them red-handed. She warns them saying if they won’t tell her what is going on here then he will tell Virendra about them. Anjali and Bhuri get worried and say to her that does not interfere in their matter. But Purvi didn’t listen to them and tells Virendre and Prakashi about them. Prakashi stand by Anjali’s side. Virendra and others go to that cave but they see the empty cave. She tries to make Virendra understand that they are lying to him. Virendra questions Anjali but she denies everything. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM. Stay connected with us.

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