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Molkki, Today Episode, 4th August 2021, Written Update, Purvi Learns Priyasi’s Plan!


The episode starts with Purvi as she takes Virendra to the hospital and tells the doctor to save him. She tells them someone shot him. The doctors say that they have to do immediate surgery and tells the nurse to take him to the operation theatre. Purvi prays to god to save the life of Virendra then she makes a call to Nanthini and tells her about Virendra condition and asks her to come to the hospital soon. Nandini gets shocked hearing all this and Aarav notices it. He thinks that maybe she gets to know about her father’s death then comes to asks her what happened.


Nandini tells him everything which shocks Aarav. He asks her that he will come with her. Nanthini leaves the place. Aarav immediately tells his father about everything and tells him that he has to do something. Here, Priyashi is making sure that Veer marries her. Veer assures her that he will marry her for sure. Anjali is thinking that now she will make Purivi and Priyashi’s life hell through this video recording. At the hospital, the Doctor tells Purvi about Virender’s critical condition. He asks her to pray god as only a miracle can save him. Chaudhary reaches the operation theatre in the form of the doctor to try to kill Virendra.

The kids reach the hospital along with Aarav. Manas and Juhi hug Purvi and cries. Purvi tells Nanthini about Virendra condition. Nandini hugs Aarav and cries. Purvi takes the kids to the temple. Meanwhile, she notices the same goons in the hospital and thinks if they came to harm Virendra. Purvi immediately rushes to the operation theatre where the doctor tells him that the operation went successful and Virendra is also out of the danger. Purvi tells everyone about the goons so everyone goes to the operation theatre but Chaudhary runs away from there.

After some time, Virendra comes to the house and everyone seems happy seeing her fine. Veer tells everyone that he wants to marry Priyashi as they both love each other. Virender accepts their alliance. Ahead, Purvi learns the true intentions of Priyashi and tells her that she will not let her do this with Veer. Purvi makes Priyashi stand in front of Virender and asks her to tell everything. Priyashi says to him that Purvi wants her to not get married to Veer. Virender announces their marriage and says that it will happen the day after tomorrow. Sudha and Purvi see that video and get stunned. Don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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