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Molkki Today Episode 31st August 2021 Written Update: Virender saved the Purvi life


Who does not like to watch the drama of others and that’s why Indian serials are the first choice of all the viewers. We are always concerned about the choices of our readers and that’s why we are present here with the written updates of your favourite daily soaps. In this article, we are sharing the written update of the popular serial “Molkki” of 31st August 2021. So instead of wasting time let’s directly start the update, the episode begins with Virendra who is trying to making understand Juhi and Manas about the memory loss of Purvi.


Kids are upset and wonder why their mothers forget about them. Then Virendra informs his kids that Purvi met with an accident in which she lost her memory. Juhi says so we can recall her everything but Virendra says that they can not force Purvi to recall anything instead of that they should stay with her and slowly reminds her about the past memory. Then he orders his kids to act like the students of Purvi only for now.

In another scene, Manas says to Purvi that he is missing Purvi and wants to sleep with her but Juhi asks him to not go to Purvi. In the meantime, Purvi is confused that why Virendar came here as her neighbour and why she is feeling strange when he explained everything. In the next scene, Virendra decides to make a tea but he could not able to do that and surprisingly Purvi makes a tea for him by thinking that, this is her small gesture to say thank you to him.

Then Purvi goes to Virendra’s house and the kids get happy after watching her. Virendra comes there and Purvi gives tea to him and asks him to forgive her for her weird behaviour. She knows that her face is similar to the face of his wife. On the other side buzzing excitedly and Nani and Daksh look on. Nani says to Daksh that Chandni has fallen for that person who does not like her at all. Chandni says to Daksh, now Virendra is her new neighbour and she is very much happy with this thought.

Daksh says wow it’s such good news and then he says I am going to meet him now. Kids and Virendra are worried that their Purvi’s lost her memory and she could not able recognise them. The episode ends here, to know the next update just wait for a day and we will soon be back till then watch this episode of “Molkki” on the colours channel at 10:30 PM and stay tuned with us.

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