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Molkki Today Episode 26th July 2021 Written Update: Nandini Marries Aarav Charan Singh!


Today’s episode starts with Purvi as she says to them that she is going to Virender to convince him but if she couldn’t do it then they have to apply their plan. She goes to Virender and says that she made Halwa for him and asks him to have it. Virender denies eating Halwa but Purvi feels that he is not even listening to him so she tries to make him eat forcefully. Virender gets angry and throws the Halwa on the floor. He also shouts at her. Meanwhile, the kids enter the room and start crying there. They say if Purvi leaves them because of his anger then what will they do.


Virender tries to make them understand that he hasn’t shouted at her. The kids say that he is lying as they know that he is upset with Purvi. He says that he is not. The kids ask him to hug her if he is not angry. Virender does the same and says to her that she should not involve the kids in the matter and adds that he won’t forgive her. The next morning, Prakashi brings some gifts and asks Veer to take them to Nanthini’s house to perform the post-wedding rituals. Sudha says that she will go with Veer. Veer asks Purvi to come with him as Nanthini will like it.


Purvi agrees and leaves along with Sudha and Veer. Prakashi says to Anjali that Purvi is winning Veer and Nanthini’s heart which is not a good sign for them. On the other hand, Purvi reaches Nanthini’s house and she welcomes her happily. The maid pours tea on Purv’s clothes so she goes to the washroom where she hears Chaudhary’s conversation with Aarav in which Chaudhary is asking Aarav to do something but he refuses. Purvi asks Nandini about it. Purvi tells her that Chaudhary wants Aarav to election campaign but he doesn’t like it at all.

Nanthini’s mother-in-law meets with Purvi who tells her that they came to take Nandhini with them for the Pagh Phera ritual but Chaudhary’s wife tells Purvi that few guests are coming to the house for Nanthini’s Muh Dikhayi. She says to her that they will send her after 2-3 days. Purvi feels something fishy but leaves from there without saying anything. After some time, Nanthini comes to Virender’ house and asks him to leave his Mukhiya post but he refuses to do that. Nanthini leaves the house getting upset. She doesn’t tell her in-laws about Virender’s decision but says that he wants time to think. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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