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Molkki Today Episode 10th August 2021 Written Update: Purvi tells Aarav’s Truth To Virendra!


Today’s episode starts with Sudha as she prepares Veer’s favorite breakfast for him. Purvi says to Sudha that Veer is in anger right now so she asks her to give breakfast to the maid. Sudha agrees. Purvi mixes something in his food and decides to execute her further plan after Veer sleeps. Virender goes to the factory and Purvi sees him leaving the house. Purvi says to Aarav that he has to help her and tells him that Virender went to the factory and she wants him to come back as she is feeling worried for him, what if the goons attack him.


She asks him not to tell anyone about it as they get worried. Aarav agrees with her and asks her not to worry about anything and leaves the place. He then makes a call to Chaudhary and tells him about Virender and asks him to reach the factory. Purvi sees that Veer has slept. Sudha asks Purvi about Veer. Purvi tells her about her plan. He hides Veer under the bed. Here, Virender comes to the house and Purvi informs him that Veer has gone to the factory. She says that he went there alone what if Chaudhary’s goons harm her.

Purvi leaves for the factory along with Nanthini and Virender. They reach the factory and enter by the back door. Virender thinks about when and who fits the camera in the factory. Purvi reminisces that how she told the guard to fit the camera in the factory and asked him not to tell anyone about all this. Purvi says to Virender that they first need to find Veer. After that, they notice the goons and Chaudhary in the footage who are searching for Virender. Then they see Aarav who comes to them and hugs Chaudhary.

They also discuss the plan that they made to kill Virender. Nanthini and Virender stand shocked seeing them together. Purvi says to them that he told them that it’s all Aarav and his father’s planning. She says that but she will not let their plan be successful and this time, she will teach them a good lesson. Aarav and his goons go from there. Purvi says that they won’t forgive Aarav for all that he did.

Ahead, Aarav comes to the house and wishes Nandini as it’s her birthday. Nanthini then cuts the cake. Purvi says that she has planned a surprise and then plays that footage in which Aarav is meeting his father. Virender then scolds Aarav for everything he did. Veer takes him out of the house. Nanthini decides to return to London and also blames Purvi for ruining her and her brother’s life. She leaves the place. Catch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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