We are back with the written update of the Colors Tv serial named “Molkki”. The episode with Virender and Purvi as they both are locked on the terrace. Purvi continuously asking Virendra to talk to her and clear the matter. She says to him that he is ignoring her after the last night. But Virender refuses to talk to her. She says to him that she knows that whatever she has done last night was wrong and her behavior was also not right. She adds that she was not conscious and says that she also feels guilty for her doings.

Virendra says that he is not upset as she was drunk last night, he is upset because of her confession. Purvi says that she didn’t drink on her own, someone spiked her cold drink. She says she is not lying and he has to trust her. Then Virendra tells her that she expresses her love for him. Purvi staring laughing so loud and says that she was not in her senses then how can he believe in her talks. Purvi says that he is her husband and for that he respects him a lot but doesn’t fall in love with him. Virendra takes a relief breath.

Molkki Full Episode Written Update 20 February 2021

Later, Purvi notices Vaibhav’s car in the parking and Vaibhav is coming out from the car. She wonders that where he is coming from. Kids opens the door and asks Virender and Purvi that if they become friends again or still mad at each other. Virender says that they are always friends with each other. All of them leave from there. Purvi asks Vaibhav that what happened. He replies that he was met with small accident and leaves. Purvi doesn’t trust on his words and goes to parking to check Vaibhav’s car. Purvi feels something is wrong and there is no small accident happened.

Purvi finds Priyu’s diary in his car and wonders how Priyu diary came here. She reads her diary in which she wrote that her life is in danger, Vaibhav wants to kill her. She calls her neighbor in village and asks her  about Priyu and her parents, the neighbor says to her that they went to Haridwar and cuts the call. Priyu’s father threatens neighbor and also gives her money to keep the secret that they are not here. On the other hand, Purvi is thinking that how she tells Virendra about his doubt on Vaibhav. Purvi will confront Vaibhav. Purvi and Virendra are missing each other. Watch the episode of Molkki on Colors Tv at 10 pm.


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