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Molkki, 9th September 2021, Written Update, Virendra Makes A Bold Move!


Here we are with the written update of “Molkki” of 9 Sep 2021, the episode begins with, Virender is sitting in a hall along with his family. He talks about Purvi with his family. Everyone gets shocked after listening to him. He tells the “Purv si still alive.”Then his mother says “how can you say that as you were the only one who ensures that Purvi has died and you even saw her dead body.”


Virender replies that “She was someone else but this time a girl I have met she is none other than my Bawri. I’m definitely sure that she is Bawri.” After this his, mother asked him ‘then who was that girl whose dead body was confirmed by you as Purvi?” “Vireamder says that Bawri is alive and this is 100 percent true. So don’t get shocked and she is coming here tomorrow.” Anjali and his mother are I’m shocked and they are wondering os it is true or not.

Her sister gets super happy to listen to that and she asks kids whether they were also met to her? Then they say that Massi we played with her she looks same but her dressing sense is change now. We went on a picnic also and we ate a portion of food cooked by her. On the other hand, Daksh’s, other is talking to him and she tells him to no get married at Rewari village, as it is not a reputation for our family.

What have you accepted the idea of Virender, you just not forget that you are the most reputable businessman. Daksh says that I would like to get married in a village as I want to tale that traditional feel of my wedding. And it will be going to be fun. People are coming to these places so that they can do a proper traditional wedding.

But Virender gives this idea to him so that he can bring back Purvi’s memory and this is the best way to let her remind her past. Well, it will be going to be interesting to see how Virender will do this. Whereas there is one more question raising, Will Virender get successful in his plans and get Purvi back to his life? So to know the answer to these questions, watch the full episode on colors tv. To get the written episode update to follow us.

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