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Molkki 9th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Sakshi made Prakashi Devi’s face black


Molkki 9th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Sakshi made Prakashi Devi’s face black: The episode commences with Virendra as he asks Sakshi about Purvi’s attack. She says that why will she harm her baby and Purvi. Prakashi says to Anjali that it looks like Sakshi is doing acting like a good person. Virendra tells her not to lie as Purvi has proof against her. She says that she wants to see proof against her. Virendra’s men come there with the carpenter. Virendra questions the carpenter that why he cut the branch tree. He threatens him so the carpenter agrees to tell the truth. He says sorry to him and then points his finger at Prakashi. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


He says that whatever he did, Prakashi told him to do. Prakashi says to Virendra that he is lying and she doesn’t know him at all. The carpenter says to Virendra that Prakashi is the one who gave him bangles. Prakashi tells him to trust her. Sakshi interrupts and says that why she wants to harm her baby. Prakashi defends herself. The carpenter says that she met him on the terrace. Later, Sakshi thinks that she is not a fool. She recalls how she went to the carpenter and gets to know everything. She bribes him stating that she will give him more land if he will take Prakashi’s name.

Sakshi says that Purvi won’t be able to expose her at any cost. Purvi then talks about the jeweler. She says that Sakshi lied to her about bangles. Sakshi starts acting and says that if they do not want her to stay in this house so she will leave the house for sure but says not to accuse her like this. Virendra says that no one is accusing her, it’s just Purvi just wants to tell the truth. He says to Purvi to make a call to the jeweler. Prakashi says that Sakshi is putting the blame on her so that she can save herself.

After some time, the Jeweler comes and tells everyone that his brother received Sakshi’s bangles. Sakshi says thanks to him to clarify everything. Purvi asks how the carpenter’s wife got the same bangles. The jeweler says that Prakashi asked him to make the same bangles. Prakashi says why is everyone lying. Purvi feels guilty as she doubts Sakshi. She says sorry to her.

Sakshi says that it’s good that the truth is revealed but she is feeling bad that Purvi doubted her. Virendra also says sorry to her and asks for the punishment. Sakshi asks him to throw Anjali and Prakashi out of this village. Purvi says that she is his mother but Virendra agrees with Purvi. Later, Sakshi decides to take revenge on Purvi and is about to push her. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Molkki” at 10 PM on Colors.

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