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MOLKKI 8th Today’s Episode March 2021 Written Update: Purvi Caught Anjali


Are you excited? To find out what will be shown on the 8th March 2021 episode of “Molkki”, So, Let’s get the written update of tonight’s episode. The episode brings with Purvi thanks Karan for helping her. While Karn makes him clear that “he didn’t do anything for gaining her friendship”. Purvi replies her thoughts are now changed for him. Karna mentions that he will definitely be going to take revenge on her as she used to insult him in the college and now “I will do the same in front of all the villagers”.


MOLKKI 8th March 2021

Karna’s friend questions him “why he uses involves him in all these”. Karna tells that he has to do so that Purvi can trust him while His friend gives him a thumbs up for his plan. Purvi is preparing sweets, Mnas ask her why she is preparing this, she exclaims that tomorrow she has to write the exam. While Juhi says “we have a fear in our heart for exams but you are excited.” Purivi orders Mans to call Virender.

While Virender denies having the sweet but somehow Purvi use to eat him a sweet. On the other hand, Bhuri uses to tell something to Anjali secretly. Purvi suspected her expressions and she realizes that there is something which is wrong and Anjali is planning to create another issue. Virender use to drop Purvi. And she forgets to fetch a pen as it is important. But Purvi yells at Virender as he passes a smile to those girls who are looking at him.

Purvi offers a sweet prepare by her to Karan. And he is ready to execute his tiffin plan against her. Later Purvi uses to follow Anjali and Bhuri where she makes their video as proof against them. But both get to know that Purvi is following them and they use to hide. While Prakash is also involved in it and she says to Anjli that make sure Purvi must not tell anything to Mukhiya Ji. While Virender is dancing with kids he notices Karn having a convo with the security guard.

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