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Molkki 8th November 2021 written update: Mukhiji Trust Purvi, Believes Sakshi Is Behind The ‘Tree Accident’


Molkki 8th November 2021 written update: Mukhiji Trust Purvi, Believes Sakshi Is Behind The ‘Tree Accident’: The episode starts with Purvi as she says to Sakshi that her bangles don’t need polish. Sakshi says that it’s her bangles and she knows about them. She leaves the place. Purvi thinks why is she overreacting this much. After that, Juhi breaks Manas’ gold chain by mistake while playing. Purvi tells them not to worry, she will make it fixed. She makes a call to a jeweler. She tells him about the chain. She also asks him about Sakshi’s bangles. He tells her that Sakshi didn’t give him any bangles. Purvi gets shocked and tells him to send someone to collect the chain. He agrees. Purvi wonders why Sakshi lied to her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Molkki Written Update

She thinks if she is hiding something from them. She says that Sakshi can’t do all those attacks on her as the baby is also hers. She decides to find out the truth. She decides to talk to Virendra but stops seeing Sakshi there. She says that she has to collect evidence first. Later, Purvi asks Virendre about the carpenter’s number. He asks what will she do with his number. She says that he didn’t complete his work. He tells her not to worry about it as Sakshi will take care of it.

She tells him not to tell Sakshi about it as she will tell her about it. She tells the maid to take her to the carpenter’s house. She reaches his house and meets the carpenter’s wife. She sees the weapon. After that, she notices the bangles. She asks from where she got it. She tells Purvi that her husband brought it for her. She realizes that it is not an incident, Sakshi is behind all this. Purvi confronts the carpenter and asks if Sakshi told him to do all this. He admits it. He says that he wants his land back and if she will do that for him. He is ready to reveal the truth.

Sakshi questions Virendra about Purvi. She gets to know that Purvi asked about the carpenter’s number.  Purvi comes home and lies to Sakshi that she went out to eat Aloo Tikki. Virendra hears her and questions Purvi why she lied to Sakshi. Purvi explains everything. She says that they have to collect evidence against her then only they can confront her. Sakshi gets to know that Purvi talked to the jeweler and knows about her lie. She decides to do something else Virendra won’t spare him. After that Purvi asks her about bangles and Sakshi tells her that she got her bangles back. Virendra asks her about the attack. She says that why will she harm her baby and Purvi. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.


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