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Molkki 8th July 2021 full episode written update: Virendra Takes A Firm Step!


Here we are with the written update of “Molkki” that telecasts on Colors at 10 PM. The episode of 08 July 2021 will start with Prakashi and Anjali leave the house. While leaving the house, Prakashi warns Virender that she will take revenge on him as he insulted her that too in front of everyone. The kids come out of their room and ask about Sakshi, Anjali, and Sakshi. Virender lies to them that they have gone on a trip. The kids leave the place. Then Virender explains to Purvi that how he got property papers from Prakashi’s room and destroy it.


He then tells her that now he transferred his property to the kids. Here, Prakashi tells Anjali that she will not forget her insult and Virender has to pay for it. The villagers criticize Anjali and Prakashi. The next morning, Purvi wakes Virender up by putting his fingers in tea. He pulls her close to him, she comes on him. She says to him that she wants to organize a Puja at the house so that they can start fresh. He agrees with her and tells her to begin the arrangements. On the other hand, Prakash gets to know that Sakshi has changed her will so they will not get anything now.


Prakashi and Anjali go to meet the Lawyer. Anjali asks him that who is the owner of Virender’s properties now. Prakashi thinks about how Sakshi can do this with them. The lawyer whispers something. In the next scene, you will see Prakashi will make a call to someone and tells him that the time has come when he should come back to the village. She says to Anjali that Virender likes to play the game with her so now the game is on. She says that she will destroy him.

Prakashi adds that she called a storm that will make Virender’s life hell. At the house, Virender is performing the Puja with Purvi. During the worship, two teenagers enter the house including 1 girl and 1 boy who asks the priest to all this. We would like to all fans that these two new entries are going to portray a vital role in the serial. The two have their shares in Sakshi’s will. Now, it is going to be very interesting that how Purvi will tackle these new troubles in her life. If you want to watch this drama then watch the upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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  1. Bullshit….so long awaited and bearing those stupid episodes with no proper story line …now they come up with this ridiculous character….dont think can stand another unbearable episodes…bye molkki ….


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