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Molkki, 7th May 2021, full episode, written update, Juhi-Manas Brilliant Plan!


The episode starts with Virender as he asks Sakshi to take a rest for some time. He is about to go to complete some work. She asks him if the work is important. She says to him that they are on a trip and they are together after so many years. She says that they have many things to talk about and they can spend some quality time together here. She tries to come close to him but Purvi comes there and informs Sakashi that Manas is suffering from stomach ache.


After that, Sakshi takes medicine from the room and goes to the kid’s room. Meanwhile, Purvi notices the room as it was decorated. Purvi also goes to the kid’s room. Virender thinks maybe Purvi misunderstands him as she sees the decorated room. Purvi gives an idea to Prakashi, to tell reveal the reality of Purvi in front of Sakshi. Prakashi scolds her saying if they have done something like this then whether Purvi goes out of the house by Sakshi or they will go out of the house by Virender for telling the truth.

Later, Prakashi makes a call to Virendra and instructs him to take care of Sakshi. She says to him that he should spend more time with Sakshi as she wants to see them together like before. The next morning, Virender offers a chair for Purvi on the dining table. Manas also asks her to take her seat. Sakshi notices everything and wonders why everyone is treating her like a family member After that, the kids and Purvi tell each other’s favorite dishes. Purvi stops Sakshi when she is about to give aloo paratha to Virender. She tells her Virender has Diabetes so he can’t eat potatoes.

Virender orders the favorite dish of Purvi and Sakshi gets shocked to see all this and thinks how Virender knows about a maid’s favorite dish. After ordering the food, Virender and Sakshi make each other eat food. Purvi gets upset to see all this. At night, Sakshi and Virendra go to their room where Sakshi asks him if he is worried about something. She asks him to tell her his problem. Virendra says there is nothing like this. Purvi and Virender think about each other. Virendra goes to Purvi and Sakshi sees him going. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM. Stay connected with us.

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