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Molkki, 7th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Sakshi Accuses Virendra!


The episode begins with a shock for Purvi and Sakhi. Sakshi gets to know about the truth that Virender loves Purvi and they are even married to each other. The truth going to hurt Sakhi very deeply. Later Anjali and Prakashi takes the advantage of the situation and they try to feel the ears of Sakshi against Purvi. After this Sakshi gets offended and she keeps on thinking about all these things.


Then she is unable to handle the truth which makes her take the wrong steps. Sakhi uses to hurt herself and attempt suicide. Everyone aware of it when Purvi brings food for Sakhi and she knicks the door of Sakhi’s and she realizes that the door has been locked from inside. After this Purvi gets panic and she keeps on calling Sakhi and tells her to open a door but she didn’t receive any response. Then somehow the door opens with the efforts of Purvi and she gets shocked when she enters the room.

Purvi witnesses that Sakhi is falling on the floor and blood stains are there in the room. After which she gets to know that Sakhi cuts her wrist. Then everyone comes there and they take her to the hospital. Virender also goes panic when he sees Sakhi in this condition. Sakhi gets so offended that she get ready like a bride and attempted suicide as the truth is unbearable to her. She has been gone in the trauma.

On the other side, Anjali and Parakashi are also worried as to what if Sakshi dies then they can’t separate Purvi and Virender. Purvi is s worried and upset and she keeps on praying for Sakshi to be fine. Mukhiya Ji is also worried and he tells the doctor to take care of her wife make her conscious at any cost. Purvi is in guilt and she decides to leave Virnders life once Sakshi becomes conscious and fine. Watch the full episode on colors tv. Stay glued to us to get written episode updates before tv.

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  1. Its unjust to separate molki and virender as they been married leagaly in front of every one.she is virender wife sakshi should understand that molki was through when sakshi kids needed a mother and sakshi should be grateful to purview for saving her life and giving her back as mukayani when will this stop and prakashi and anjali nonsense stop feel its dragging like other series now.


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