Home Entertainment Molkki, 7th April 2021, Written Update, Anjali Plans For A Robbery!

Molkki, 7th April 2021, Written Update, Anjali Plans For A Robbery!


Here we are with another written episode update of “Molkki” on 7th April 2021. The episode begins with Purvi asked Mnasa whether he found anything. He replies no. Anjali opens the cupboard and she finds jewelry. Manas is seeing everything and he later informs Purvi about it. Listening to this Purvi tells him that not to say anything to anyone and go inside his room.


Juhi returns home and she calls Mans meanwhile Anjali and Jyoti realize that Manas is at home. SAnd both of them are afraid not to get caught. Mans hear Juhi and he uses to go to fetch her but before this goes to Putvi and tells her about it. But those devil ladies use to cover Juhi’s mouth and drag her in the room. Purvi asks Mana does he have the phone but he denies thus Purvi orders him to not come out of this room. And Purvi makes a plan which she tells to Manas and both of them use to execute it.

Jyoti and Anjali tie Juhi at the chair. While Jyoti praises her sister she asks her to wear the jewelry but Anjali refuses her to try on the jewelry as this is not the right time. And while Jyoti and Anjali are on the stairs the bags fall and both get scared so, that no one can see them. Later they both use to run from there and left the jewelry. Mans gets happy and thanks Purvi. Then they use to execute the next plan to save Juhi now.

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Manas goes to Juhi and opens the rope but Juhi is scared and she tells him that there are two devils. Runaway from where else they will gonna do the same with you. Mans tells her to be calm as they run away from there and there is nothing to worry about. And they both hugs each other. Kida calls Purvi the best haathi and they hug her too. Our user to shower love on of the kids. Later the situation is still not controllable and Purvi is planning something new to control the situation. Watch the full episode on Colors TV at 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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