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Molkki 6th September 2021 written update full episode: Virender was taken away by the police!


Today’s episode starts with Nani as she asks Daksh to propose to Purvi for marriage. He tells her that he is scared of the rejection as he will not be able to handle it. Nani says to him that she has seen love for him in Purvi’s eyes. He says to him if she is so confident then she will talk to her about it. He leaves the place. Here, Sudha notices an anklet receipt in Veer’s pocket and thinks why has he anklet receipt when he bought only a dress for her. The kids get happy seeing Veer. Veer tells Virender that he wants to talk to him about something.


Virender asks him what? Veer questions him about Purvi’s condition. Veer says that Purvi doesn’t remember him so he should also forget her and move on in his life. Virender says that Dhwani is his Purvi and no one can separate them from each other. Veer says that Purvi is now Daksh’s fiance. There, Daksh comes to Purvi’s room and tells her that he loves her very much. He says that he is not able to act now. He says that he loves her and really longs to marry her. Purvi gets shocked hearing him. Nani hears them from far.

Here, Virender says to Veer that Purvi is his wife and he will get her back for sure. Nani thinks what will be Purvi’s answer. Daksh asks her if she too wants to marry him. She says that she doesn’t love him and never thought about him like this. She tells him that she only considers him as a friend and they should not lose this friendship. Nani thinks about what will happen to Daksh now. She decides to get Purvi married to Daksh anyhow. She then goes to Daksh’s room and asks him about Purvi’s answer. He tells her everything and leaves the place.

Purvi then reminisces about Daksh’s proposal and also thinks about Virender. Daksh gets drunk and remembers Purvi’s answer. He met with an accident while driving. Nani, Purvi, and Chandni reach the hospital where the doctor tells them that he is in critical condition. Meanwhile, Virendra reminisces Veer’s words. Sudha questions Veer about the receipt. He says that it is not mine and leaves the place. Here, Nani blames Purvi for Daksh’s condition. She says to her that she likes Virendra that’s why he behaved so selfishly with Daksh. Purvi asks what is saying this. Dadi then manipulates her against Virender. The next day, a woman accuses Virender of taking advantage of her. Don’t miss the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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