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Molkki 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi Makes A Heartfelt Confession!


Today’s episode starts with Sakshi as she says to Purvi that she hates her and the reason is that she snatched her husband and kids from her. She tells that she started feeling jealous when she had seen Purvi’s bonding with the kids and Virender so she decided to get her out of everyone’s life. She says that she planned Purvi and Virender’s divorce so that she can get married to Vipul. She reveals that she and Prakashi made a deal. She says that she knows that she wanted to know that why she didn’t tell about her kidnapping and then tells about Prakashi’s plan.


Purvi gets shocked hearing all this and says that she only saw Anjali there. Sakshi says to her that Anjali does only what Prakashi asks her to do so Prakashi is the mastermind. She tells that Prakashi kept her alive because she wants the whole property of Virender. Purvi says that why would Prakashi do all these things as he is Virender’s mother and loves him so much. Sakshi reveals that Prakashi hates Virender as he is not her blood. Prakashi asks the reason that why she made deal with Anjali and Prakashi.

Virender reprimands her for her all wrongdoings and says that she did all this without thinking once about her own kids. She says to him that whatever she did all for her husband’s love and attention. Purvi questions her why she wanted to get her married to Vipul as she can get her out of the house as well. Virender says because Sakshi didn’t want to be portrayed as a selfish person. Later, she reveals that she already transferred all property to Prakashi so that she helps her to get Purvi out of this house. Purvi asks her if she didn’t think about her kids’ future.

Sakshi says that she can earn money again if her husband and kids are with her. She says that she also wants to show Purvi’s real place to her as Molkki and then Anjali comes to her and told her the story of Purvi and Vipul. Virender says to Purvi that the truth is that Sakshi was just playing with their feelings and emotions since she came. Sakshi says that how can she see him with anyone else. Purvi says to Sakshi that she is the past of Virender and she is his present. Virender says that he loves Purvi and wants to be with her so she has to leave this house and country as well. If you don’t want to miss this drama then catch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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