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Molkki 6th August 2021 full episode written update: Priyasi Destroyes The Evidence!


The episode begins with Sudha as she says to Purvi that she can’t even think that Priyashi can do something like this to get Veer. Purvi says to her that now they can only stop this marriage by showing this video to everyone. Purvi decides to confront Priyashi before Virendra. She goes to Priyashi’s room and shows her that video. She asks her if she feels ashamed a little. She then tells her to tell the truth to Virendra but she refuses to reveal anything. Purvi says to her that now she is going to expose her in front of everyone and goes from there.


Priyashi then thinks that Anjali must be recorded this video and decides to confront her. She goes to Anjali and asks her how can she think to betray her. She asks her about her mobile and Anjali realizes that her mobile is not with her. Priyashi tells her that Purvi has her mobile and now she is going to show the video to Virendra. Anjali blames Prakashi saying that she is the one who recorded the video. They decide to get the mobile from Purvi. On the other hand, Purvi gets to know that Virender has gone to the Panchayat office so she also decides to go there.

Purvi arrives at the Panchayat office and gets to know that Virendra has left for the house. On the way to the house, She notices Chaudhary and Aarav together and gets shocked. She reaches the house and Anjali sees her. Anjali then sent Virender to the temple saying that they need Chunri for Priyashi. Purvi comes to her room where Priyashi is already present with Anjali. They snatch the mobile from her and says that now she can’t prove anything in front of Virender. They say that now no one can stop this marriage.

Later, Virender comes to the room and asks her why is she crying. She tells him everything. He scolds her as she is accusing Priyashi. She asks him that why Veer is marrying Priyashi. They both go to Veer who tells them that he loves Priyashi that’s why he is marrying her. Virendra then strictly asks her not to try to stop the wedding. The next day, Priyashi gets ready for the marriage ritual. Purvi comes to meet her and gives her juice. Anjali comes there to take Priyu for the marriage ritual. Purvi asks Anjali to go as she will take her to the Mandap. The marriage ritual starts and the bride performs it in a veil. Veer gets shocked to see the bride after marriage. Watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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