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Molkki 5th May 2021 written update: Virender Meets Purvi


The storyline of the daily soap begun with the evil practice of purchasing a bride. The story also shows how that bride feels when her parents sell her for the sake of money and how his buyer husband treats her. The main lead Purvi is the purchased wife of Virendra Pratap Singh who brought her here for the sake of his children but with the time span, both fell in love with each other.


Many troubles and problems come in their lives and how they tackle the situation is the main plot of the current story. Let’s see what new trouble is waiting to enter their lives and how they deal with this situation. The episode begins with Sakshi who is asking about Mangalsutra from Virendra. Does she ask whose Mangalsutra is this? Juhi hears their conversation and says this Mangalsutra belongs to Chachi. She further added Chachi gave it to him to fix it but I guess Papa forget about it.

Papa is forgetting many things these days. After hearing this Sakshi says nevermind but this Mangalsutra is really beautiful and already fixed. Go Juhi give it back to your Chachi and Juhi takes it and leaves the room. Virendra is baffled and doesn’t know what to do. In the next scene, Purvi is thinking about Virendra and checks in his room whether he has slept or not. She finds Virendra is still awake and thinking about the moment when he proposed to Bawari for the marriage and he starts feeling bad.

Virendra is still thinking about his Bawari and on the other side, Purvi is also thinking about him. Both recall their past memories of the time they spend together. Virendra thinks when they will come out with this situation and going to live together again happy? He thinks that I was waiting for Sakshi for the past 5 years but when she finally came I am not happy and now I am missing Purvi. I don’t know what is happening to me firstly my life was incomplete without Sakshi and now when she is with me I am not happy and now I want Purvi in my life.

He thinks he wants to meet Purvi and wants to talk to her and then he leaves the room without disturbing Sakshi. On the other side, Purvi is crying and then she hears the voice of knocking and when she opens the gate she gets happy and stunned to see Virender in front of her. Virendra comes into her room and on the other side, Sakshi wakes up and finds that Virendra is not in the room and thinks where he can go at this time without informing her. The show is coming in a very interesting twist as Virendra’s first wife is back in his life which is becoming the reason for the separation of Virendra and Purvi. Let’s see how they are going to deal with this situation and to know that just stay tuned with us and we will soon back with another update of the show. Till then enjoy the episode of “Molkki” on the Colors channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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