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Molkki 5th July 2021 written update: Virender wants Sakshi to apologize to Purvi!


The episode starts with Sakshi as she says thanks to Virendra as he stopped the marriage at her behest. She asks him not to tell anyone about their secret. He says that he never thought to break this marriage like this and for that reason. She says that no one gets to know about all this. He tells him to promise her that he will not tell the truth to anyone but Virender says to her that he is not sure if he will be able to keep her promise. She says that she is understanding his problem but they can’t reveal the truth yet.


Here, Purvi is thinking that what is going on in her life. She says Virender also broke her promise. She feels worried thinking about Vipul and Sakshi. She thinks that how will she face them after all this. She decides to do something so that Virender will realize her mistake. Sakshi informs him that she has said sorry to Vipul and asked him to stay but he left for his village. Virender feels worried for Purvi and says that Purvi should know the truth but she says no. Virender says that it is Purvi’s right to know the truth.

On the other hand, Anjali and Prakashi are waiting outside for Sakshi. Anjali sees that Sakshi is sad so definitely they both had an argument in which Sakshi lost. Prakashi says that they need to know the exact truth. Here, Virender is searching for Purvi but she left the house as her luggage is not in her room. Virender leaves from there to stop Purvi. Virender sees Purvi at the bus stand. They both meet each other. Virender asks her how can she think to leave him alone. She says to him that she tried to go leaving him but couldn’t do it.

Purvi adds that she feels that she can’t stay away from him and get mad in his love. She questions him that why he loves her that much. She requests him to leave her as she can’t do this anymore. They both share a hug. He says that he won’t let her go anywhere. He tells her to come with him to the house as he will reveal the truth to him. She asks him what about Sakshi. He says that she need not think about her as there is no one who can separate them from each other. They both reach home where Virender asks Sakshi to tell her the truth. Sakshi says to him that she hates her. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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