In the first scene of the episode you Sakshi is being seen enter Virendra’s room and during that time only Purvi also enters the maid’s room as she started recalling all of the moments that she has shared with the kids and Virendra and she also recalls the latest tragedy and all of the cries as Mama comes in the room and she immediately stops to cry as she saw him and he genuinely apologized to her as he brought her in as the daughter in law but has but today he addressed her as the maid of the house in front of everyone in the house as he further says that he just didn’t have a choice as a doctor has asked of them to not to give any shocking news to the patient and that is the reason that he had no choice but to hide this information about her and Virendra getting married in front of Sakshi.

Then she replies that he really needs to stop with the apologizing as she completely understands their situation and he has been totally right in doing what he did and she further said that she thinks very highly of him and considers him as her father and trust her completely and she further stated that Sakshi has finally returned home after so many years and taking her care is the utmost responsibility of the family and she is going to be there for her no matter what after which he replied that he is totally relieved now and he is also waiting for the day when she will finally receive happiness and her rights and goes on to bless her and then leaves the room.

Sakshi is asking Virendra about the kids to which she replies that kids are with Prakashi right now and he soon send the kids to her and he thought to himself about talking with Purvi as she informs Sakshi to take a rest as he tries to leave the room as she stops him and says that she has missed him a lot and tells him to spend some time with her as she goes on to hug him and he gets really worried for Purvi, Sakshi asks him about him being in the shaai mandap yesterday as he lied to her stating that he was ‘Kanyadaan’ and immediately leaves form there.

Purvi is teaching kids about how they need to behave in front of Sakshi as Juhi asks her why do they behave in a certain way with her to which she replies to the kids that Sakshi is not well at this point in time and to help her out we need to act in a certain way in front of her.


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