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Molkki, 4th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Purvi Feels Humiliated!


Today’s episode of Molkki will begin with Purvi as she is performing Molkki Divas. Virender returns to the house and gets shocked to see all that is happening and Purvi’s state. He questions his family that what are they doing. Anjali gets scared seeing Virender at the house and thinks why he came back. She tells him that Sakshi is performing the ritual Molkki Divas. First, Virender goes to Purvi and cleans her face and then her tears along with removing the garland of money. Virender shouts at everyone and asks how can they insult Purvi by performing this kind of ritual. He says that he wants an answer.


Later on, Sakshi questions him why he is getting so angry as they have just performed a ritual and as Mukhiya, he should respect rituals. She says if she is celebrating a ritual then he should be okay with it. He says but, in this ritual, everyone insults Molkki. He says that he believes that every Molkki should stay with respect. He says today he will make sure to get every Molkki respect and announces that no one will perform this ritual from now. He immediately calls the Panchayat member and informs him about canceling Molkki divas. Virender takes Purvi to the room by holding her hand.

After that, Virender goes to his room where Sakshi taunts Virender. He asks her to say clearly what he wants to say. She says that previously, he didn’t let Purvi go from the house and today he canceled a ritual for her. He says that the ritual is against humanity. She says no. He did only for Purvi and this time, he is lying. She asks him to swear to kids that he doesn’t have feelings for Purvi. Virender admits that he loves Purvi very much. He asks her not to get him wrong as he didn’t himself when this happened.

Virender says to her that he started to feel for her in her absence but doesn’t know how and when. He says to her that she doesn’t need to stress about it as he knows how to fulfill the responsibilities and this fact that he loves Purvi, will never affect her. She says to him that he will take care of her and her wishes but can’t love her. He says that as she knows that he can’t lie to her so today he admits that he loves Purvi but she can stay here as a Mukhyani of the village. Anjali overhears everything along with Prakashi. Sakshi is shattered hearing Virender’s words. Catch the whole episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM and on the Hotstar app.

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