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Molkki 3rd July 2021 full episode written update: Virendra Tears Divorce Papers!


The episode starts with Virender as he tells Purvi to sign the divorce papers. He says that he will pray always that she stay happy in her new married life. He says to her that he wants to get her ready for her marriage. She allows him to get in the house. He helps her to get ready. They both reminisce about their past moment when Virender used to get her ready. He handovers her divorce papers to Purvi and says to her that the Lawyer will collect the paper before her wedding with Vipul. While signing the papers, Virender removes  Purvi’s tears.


After that, Pandit Ji asks Sakshi to call the bride. Virender comes there bringing Purvi with her. He gives Purvi’s hand in Vipul’s hand. They both go to Mandap. Virender handovers the papers to the lawyer. Virender is about to go leaving the place but Sakshi stops him and asks where is he going. He says to her that till now he did all that she asked him to do but now he can’t see all this. She asks her to let him go. The lawyer tells Virender that the process of his divorce will start at 4 PM.

Virender thinks if the process will start at 4 then Purvi’s marriage will not consider legal. The wedding ritual starts and Vipul and Purvi make wear garlands to each other. Anjali comes to Sakshi and asks about Virendra. She tells her that she doesn’t know about him. Purvi’t mother ties the knot and they stand up for Pheras. Meanwhile, Virender comes to the Mandan and destroys everything, he lifts Purvi up and takes her with him. The family gets shocked seeing all this. He takes her outside of the house and gets her into the car.

Purvi questions him but he doesn’t listen to her and drives the car. Everyone also follows him. Purvi asks him why is he doing all this when he was ready for everything. Here, Prakashi thinks why is Virendra behaving like this now. Purvi and Virender reach the court, Purvi questions why they came here. Virender cancels his divorce and tears the papers. Everyone returns to the house. Sakshi apologizes to Vipul saying he did so much for her. Later, Virender and Sakshi talk to each other and Sakshi says thanks to him as he canceled Purvi’s marriage at his behest. You can watch this latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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