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Molkki 31 May 2021 full episode written update: Purvi Deliberately Soils Manas And Juhi’s Dress!


The episode starts with Virender as he makes a call to Sakshi who asks him that what is he doing with Radhika. He questions Sakshi that why she allowed Radhika to go with her parents. He says to her that she was present that time when he gave his judgment in Radhika’s case then why she sends her with the wrong people. He says that she can’t understand a woman’s pain as a woman. He says that she disappointed him today. She says to him that he is not aware of the truth. He says Purvi inform him everything that how Radhika’s in-laws want to about her unborn child.


Sakshi says to him that this is not the complete truth and tells him the story which Aarti told her. He says to her that how can she trust Aarti as she supported her characterless partner before. He says to her that she believes Aarti’s words but couldn’t see the pain in Radhika’s eyes. Sakshi says but why would Aarti lie to her. Aarti also tries to manipulate Virender but he asks both to stop and says that he can’t believe in this as they don’t have any evidence. Virender asks Sakshi to support Radhika.

Later, Virender compliments Purvi for supporting Radhika. Virender announces that Radhika is going to stay with them in this house till the culprit gets punishment. Everyone leaves from there. After that, Anjali and Prakahsi manipulate Sakshi saying that Virender should not insult her in front of everyone. She feels sad. Sakshi goes to talk to Virender and says to him that he should not insult her in front of everyone. She says that he always believes in Molkki’s words instead of her. He clearly says to her that she is wrong in this matter which hurts her.

Sakshi says that it means Purvi’s words are more important for him than her. He reveals that he already talked to the head of the village about this matter and he tells him that Radhika is right. Purvi hears everything and comes to Sakshi later. She says sorry to her. Sakshi says to Purvi that she is responsible for everything and she can’t see her anymore in this house. She asks her to leave the house. Purvi agrees with her and decides to leave the house. Virender hears them. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM till then stay connected with us.

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