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Molkki, 30th June 2021, Written Update, Purvi Decides To Kill Herself!


The episode begins with as we all know that Purvi’s wedding has been fixed with Vipula. But she isn’t happy at all and doing all these for Virender so that he can also move on in his life and Sakshi also live her life peacefully. There a wedding preparations in the haveli and Purvi is busy in them. On the other hand, Mukhiya Ji searching for her everywhere and he is getting tensed. He is missing his bari so much.


Then he comes to the changing room where Purvi is helping Vipul in finding clothes for wedding functions. Then Mukhiya Ji comes there and he says “I’m searching for you everywhere and you are here?” Then Purvi says that I have to be here as I have to help Vipul to choose clothes for Mehndi. She insists Mukhiya Ji come and help them. But he gets jealous and leaves there. Then Purvi also gets sad and she goes to him. And she says to him that you must have to be within your limits as she is getting married now.

Then Mukhiya JI tells her why did she run to her village with Vipul. Then Purvi tell him the truth that she goes with him but we both went to market. After this Viranedr asks him then what about that slip which has written bus stop and all. Purvi tells him that this was all a part of the plan and I did this to make him understand everything. Then she asked him to promise her that he will not be going to stop her wedding at all. Otherwise, she will run from here. Vijender accepts the promise and says that ‘i will not going to come between you and Vipul and help you to follow all the rituals.

Later we will see that Purvi’s father comes there and she gets angry at him. While call the security guards to take him out of this haveli. After this Vijeneder comes to her and says I will not going to let this Haldi rasam follows. Purvi tells him that no one has the guts to stop him to follow these rituals and the episode ends here.

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