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Molkki 30th April 2021 Written Update Today’s Episode: Manas Gets Kidnapped!


In the first scene of the episode, Sudha is seeing stating that it is going to be difficult for Mukhi ji to take his eyes off her as she is applying Kala teeka on Purvi as she states that today she is no longer going to be a Molkki as she is going to be someone’s wife today and will get all of the rights and respect that she deserves and further said that she is very happy for her as Purvi hugs her and says that she is very thankful to her as she is asking about Sakshi from Sudha to which she replies that everything is fine with her and further told her that she doesn’t need to worry about her even a bit to which she nods.


Purvi’s phone starts ringing just then as Juhi is calling her as she picks up and asks her about her whereabouts to which she replies that she has to guess as she looks behind her and she says not in Haveli for sure as Juhi turns around and notices the Baraat coming as she sees Virender sitting on the horse as he is waving towards Purvi and she is really excited seeing him and stands up to have a clear look as Juhi asks her if she liked the surprise or not as she states that you wanted Baraat to come and Babbar sher made it happen for her as she says “love you Hathi” and she asks about the whereabouts of Manas as Manas is seeing shouting for help.

Bhuri is seeing paying the guys and is saying they should never open their mouth even if they die in the process to which all of the guys agree after receiving the payment and they leave as a flashback starts playing in which Prakashi and Bhuri are having a conversation in which they are assuring each other that nothing should go wrong as Anjali is asking her that why does she want him to get kidnapped as he wants Virender to leave the Baraat and want him to find Manas afterward and the next Mahurat is going to be held after 6 months and till then they will throw her out of the house to which Anjali is truly astonished and went on to say that how is she so clever as she tells her that she needs to pipe down and further tells her that she needs to take care of everything and ensure that the plan works out the way it is planned.

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