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Molkki 3 June 2021 written update: Purvi To Leave The House?


Today’s episode starts with Sakshi as she thinks about Virender’s behavior. She thinks that why he didn’t let Purvi go. Prakashi tells Purvi that she is the Mukhyani then why Virender didn’t support her. She manipulates her saying that Virender just wants to stay with Purvi that’s why he did this. Anjali also says to Sakshi that Virender doesn’t think about her. On the other hand, Purvi says to God that why Virender did all this and says that she knows that he did all this knowingly. Virender comes to her and says that she can’t leave him alone.


Purvi says to him that by doing all this, he is making Sakshi and her problems bigger. He asks him to stop doing all this to their marriage. He says to her that what she wants to say that he is selfish then yes he is accepting this face. He says to her that why she is not understanding this that he can’t live without seeing her face. She asks him how he will handle all this every time. He asks her not to think about it as it’s his problem. She hugs him happily. Sakshi sees all this and feels helpless. She thinks how could she not see the love between them.¬†Sakshi wonders if she did a big mistake. She says in her mind that she can’t separate them.


Anjali also witnesses Virender and Purvi’s hug. She again comes to Sakshi and tries to manipulate her. Sakshi says that she did a mistake but Anjali says to her that there is still time to show Purvi her actual place. Sakshi gets puzzled hearing her words. Anjali informs her about “Molkki Divas” and tells her that through this, she can show Purvi that what is a real place for her. She says to her that Virender won’t also at home tomorrow.¬†After hearing Anjali, Sakshi also agrees with Anjali and decides to tell Purvi what is the difference between Mukhiyani and Molkki.

The next morning, Virender leaves the house telling Sakshi that she is going to the nearby village. After that, Anjali instructs the servant to celebrate Molki Divas. Purvi comes there and asks what she has to do on this day. Anjali says to her that everything will be done by Sakshi. Sakshi asks her to remove her jewelry and wear a black saree. Purvi does the same and comes out. Sakshi makes her wear a garland of money and asks her not to forget ever that she is just a Molkki not, a wife. Purvi feels bad hearing her words. She also put black paint on her face. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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