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Molkki 29th September 2021 written update full episode: Sakshi out of the house and Purvi to save Virender!


Molkki 29th September 2021 written update full episode: Once again we are back with the next written update of the most beloved serial “Molkki” on 29th September 2021. This serial is particularly watched by the audiences due to its unique storyline and they loved to watch its drama. So instead of wasting time, we will directly start the written update of an upcoming episode of the serial. The recent promo of the episode starts with Prakshi who is giving money to the lawyer of Virendra but Purvi sees them and angrily goes towards them and tightly slaps on the face of a lawyer. Everyone gets stunned and the lawyer leaves from there.


Purvi starts rebuking Prakshi and says I am ashamed to even call you mother and Prakshi shamelessly listening as if she doesn’t care. Later on, Pruvi goes to meet another lawyer to take up the case to the supreme court. The lawyer says to her that You have to give me 5 Lakhs in advance before working on the case. Purvi gets shocked and thinks from where I will get this much amount. 

Later on, Purvi goes to Haveli’s back, and Priyashi starts insulting her by saying that do not forget your limits and who you are. After hearing this, Purvi gets angry and tries to slap her but Priyashi holds her hand in the middle and drags her, and kicks her out of the Haveli. Prakshi comes there and enjoys the entire scene. After being kicked out of the house, Purvi goes to Sudha and starts crying. Purvi says to her that she is helpless and doesn’t know who will help her.

Suddenly one voice came from the background and says I am going to help you. When Purvi turns around, she gets stunned after watching Sakshi there and Sakshi goes close to Purvi. Purvi is still looking at her in amazement. Sakshi says to her that she will help Purvi in order to prove Virendra innocent. Purvi is still in shock, the promo ends here. 

Now Sakshi is back and her re-entry will surely bring more twists and turn which will surely put extra masala in the upcoming track of the serial. It will be quite interesting to watch that why and how Sakshi is going to help Purvi in order to prove the innocence of Virendra in front of the court. The upcoming track of the serial promises you to provide a high voltage drama so do not forget to watch this episode of “Molkki” on the colors channel at 10:00 PM and be connected with us for more latest updates.
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