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Molkki, 29th May 2021, full episode, written update, Sakshi Gets Manipulated!


Are you ready to grab the full episode before it’s telecast so we are here to update you on “Molkki” of 29 May 2021? The episode begins with Purvi is going to rake in big steps which definitely going to hurt Mukhiya Ji and even Purvi herself. She is going to leave Mukkhiya Ji and planning to leave this house so that she can’t come between Sakhi and Virender. But this will not be going to be easy for her.


However, it will be exciting to see how Puruvi takes this action and how will Virender going to react this. But somehow Mukhiya Ji convenes her to stay here only. While in the previous episode we have seen that Sakhi’s guest kidnapped Radhika but they were caught red-handed by Purvi and Kida. Later Mukiya Ji also reached there and Radhika told their truth to everyone after which Virramder bested the culprit and he warned him not to do anything like this ever again.


We will go to see that Sakhis tells Viraneder “I feel disrespectful as you always tales Purci’s support and vene her each and everything is ok and fine for you but if I use to do the same thing then it seems wrong to you.” She even asks him whether Purvi is more important to you than me. Vireemedr says nothing and he left from there. Keter Sakhi goes to Purvi and she burst out all of her ’emotions at her and tells her to leave from here as I can’t see Mukhiya Ji be yours.

Purvi becomes ‘so tensed when she gets to know these things and she uses to cry a lot as she is in love with Mukhiya Ji and the kids also hence it will going to be difficult for her to leave the house and her love. Purvi says nothing and she even understands Sakhis’s emotions. Then she uses to pack her bags to leave the house. Now the question is will she leave the house? Does Vuremder let ‘her go this easily? Hence there may be questions so to know their answers you have to watch the full episode on Monday, 31st May 2021.

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