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Molkki 28th October 2021 full episode written update: Villain Sakshi’s secret open tonight


Molkki 28th October 2021 full episode written update: Villain Sakshi’s secret open tonight: The episode starts with Purvi as she says to Sakshi that she will give birth to Virendra and her’s child. Sakshi says what’s the need of all this when she has already given birth to two kids. Purvi says to her that she was not in Virendra’s life at that time. And now she is his wife and wants to save Manas and their relationship too. She tells her that she has already talked to the doctor and he says that she is perfectly fit to give birth to a baby. Virendra agrees with Purvi’s idea. He asks her what they have to do now. Purvi tells him that they will go to the doctor tomorrow. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Virendra and Purvi leave the place. He then praises her idea. She taunts him saying that he didn’t wait for her decision. He says that she is misunderstanding him. She tells her not to make excuses now as she knows what was happening there. He says that Sakshi was forcing herself on him and he was only waiting for her. Virendra swears on kids. Purvi asks her not to do all this as she knows he loves her very much. The next day, the doctor tells them that Purvi is fit to give birth to a child and can start the procedure with Sakshi.

Later, Prakashi asks Sakshi why is she letting this happen. Anjali asks how can she be silent on this. Sakshi tells them not to try to manipulate her as she knows that it is the best decision for everyone. Prakashi says to her that she is dumb and will lose everything soon. She leaves the room with Anjali. Purvi hears them and goes from there. Sakshi sees her going and says in her mind that she already started her plan and this time, only she will win.

The next day, the doctor starts the surrogacy procedure and tells Sakshi to take care of herself. Purvi says that she will take care of her. After some days, Virendra says to Purvi that tomorrow is an important day for them. Purvi is about to fall but Virendra holds her. He asks her to be careful. She says to him that she is not pregnant.  He says that he will take care of her and she needs to take a rest. He lifts her but Purvi asks him to leave. Sakshi comes there to inform them that she has kept Puja tomorrow. The next morning, puja happens and Sakshi fits the bomb inside the coconut. She waits for the blast but later, she realizes that the coconut is missing and sees that the kids are playing with that. She hears the timer. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM

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