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Molkki 28th May 2021 Today full episode written update: Purvi Overrides Sakshi


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Sakshi scolding the kids for not going to sleep, and then Purvi enters the room as she stated that she has also come here to check on the kids, and then she told Sakshi that she can put the kids to sleep now as she doesn’t need to worry about them as she is here and then kids requested them to sing them a lullaby together, then Purvi and Sakshi started singing the lullaby for them while comforting them as they were caressing and patting them.

In the next scene, you are going to see Aarti who has just entered the Haveli and she immediately starts demanding that she wants to meet her sister and then Sakshi doesn’t want her to meet the kids, Vikas and Aarti are standing downstairs, and then she tells that she is with the kids and she needs to go downstairs.

Prakashi and Anjali are being questioned by Aarti as she stated stating that they have no right to keep her sister locked like that and that too when she wants to go to her home and Sakshi has come downstairs and then Sakshi is also being questioned by Aarti as she stated that she already told her that she needs to send Radhika with her parents so why hasn’t she done that and then she also started stating that doesn’t she know who she is and which family

She belongs to and then it is being said that Molkki was misbehaving with my husband and further is being said that Mukhi ji has beaten him and thrown them out of here and she further stated that now they have again troubled her and her family as she concluded by saying that she has been a great friend to her to which Sakshi has replied that she has always been a friend to her and she will continue to do so but she further stated that what is wrong can never be changed.

She stated that Vikas was the one who has misbehaved with Purvi and she further stated that he has gotten what he deserved and she doesn’t feel about it at all and she further stated that she is surprised that he has come back and has the guts to come back after being embarrassed so bad and then Aarti goes on to say that she has only come here to take Radhika, she also stated that herself and her husband doesn’t have to do anything with them.

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