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Molkki 27th September 2021 written update: Virendra Jailed For The Death Of Daksha!


Molkki 27th September 2021 full episode written update: The episode begins with  Purvi as she breaks the vase on Daksh’s head and gets worried about seeing blood. In the meantime, Prakashi questions Anjali where is he going with Virendra. She tells her that she has seen Daksh going to Purvi’s room and he is drunk. Prakashi says that today his marriage has broke with Purvi so maybe he went to talk to her. Virendra says that he will talk about this later and leaves from there. They also go behind him. Here, Daksh drags Purvi on the bed. Purvi requests Daksh to leave her and asks him not to do this. She asks how can he behave like this with her, he is not like this.


He says that she is the one who started all this betrayal game. Virendra sees all this from the window and tells Daksh to leave Purvi. Purvi asks him to help her. Virendra tells Daksh to talk to him, why is he doing this with Purvi. Daksh says that she is Dhwani, not Purvi. He says that she is Dhwani who only belongs to Daksh. Virendra tries to open the door. Nani also comes there and asks what is happening here. Anjali and Prakashi tell her everything. Nani slaps Anjali and says that she doesn’t want Daksh to become a criminal.

Nani asks Daksh to stop. Meanwhile, Virendra comes there bringing the gun of the security guard and breaks the door. He asks Daksh to leave Purvi else he will shoot him. Daksh says that he can kill him but he won’t leave Purvi. Nani tells Anjali and Prakash to stop Virendra. She says that if anything happens to Daksh. She will also not going to leave them. Everyone comes to the room. Priyashi also comes there with Veer. The kids also awake and see Virendra is not with them. Security says that he went to Purvi’s room so they have to be in the room.

Nani asks Virendra to down the gun. She says that Daksh is drunk that’s why he is doing all this, once he will come to his senses, he will be okay. Daksh provokes Virendre to shoot him. Everyone says to Virendra to drop the gun but he doesn’t listen to anyone. Virendra shoots Daksh and he dies falling on the bed. Everyone gets shocked seeing all this. Nani asks Daksh to open his eyes while crying. Veer says Daksh died. Virendra says that he didn’t kill him. Veer gets angry at Virendra saying that he is getting mad at Purvi’s love. The police come and take Virendra from there. Virendra says to the kids that he is innocent. Anjali and Prakashi feel happy and say now Virendra won’t come. Watch the full episode of ”Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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