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Molkki, 27th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Virendra Warn Dhawani!


The episode starts with Virendra as he gets teary when she sees Purvi in front of him. Purvi sees a flashback to when they met first met. Everyone comes to see them. Daksh questions Purvi if she is fine. He asks her to get out of the pool. Purvi then realizes that her chain got stuck in Virender’s shirt so she removes it. Daksh asks her how she fell into the pool. She says that it was an accident nothing else. He says thanks to Virendra to save Purvi. He adds that from now Virender is like family for him.


He asks him to come inside and he is sending clothes for him. Purvi goes with Daksh. Here, Purvi is thinking that Virender addressed her as Bawri. On the other hand, Virender is thinking that why Purvi is behaving like this like she didn’t recognize her, and thinks why she changed her name. He then thinks that Purvi is doing all this because she is still angry with him. He decides to convince her at any cost and then will take her to his house. Daksh comes to him and praises him for his dress. He tells him to attend his engagement downstairs.

Later, Daksh and Purvi come together in the function. Chandni praises them. She then sees Virender and compliments him. Virender stares at Daksh and Purvi. Nani asks to play the music. Purvi dances with Daksh on a romantic song. Virender feels jealous seeing them dancing together. He says to himself that Purvi very well knows how much he loves her still she is doing all this to hurt him. DJ then announces to change of the dance partners. Virender thinks that he can talk to her while dancing. He asks Chandni to dance with him. She agrees.

Ahead, the dance partner changes again, this time, Purvi and Virender dance together, and Virender asks her why is she doing all this when she knows he belongs to him. Purvi feels weird hearing him. He asks her to says something. Purvi wonders why is he talk. She thinks if he knows her. The dance game gets over and Nani announces the engagement. They both go on the stage. Virender thinks how can Purvi do this. She belongs to him. Virender moves towards them. Ahead, Purvi and Virender talk to each other. Purvi asks him what is he doing here. Virender asks her how can she be with Daksh. He says that she is his and always be his. Purvi gets faint. Virender tells Veer that his Bawri is alive. The doctor tells that it will not be good if someone will try to remind her of her past. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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