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Molkki, 26th October 2021, Written Update, Purvi Shocked As Sakshi Suggests Getting Pregnant


Molkki, 26th October 2021, Written Update, Purvi Shocked As Sakshi Suggests Getting Pregnant: The episode starts with Sakshi as she asks him to make a call to Purvi and asks her to come to the construction site with money. She says that now she will make Virendra believe that Purvi lied to him and then she will get her family back. She asks him to leave the construction site after receiving money. He says thanks to her for remembering their deal. Here, Virendra says to Purvi that she can go anywhere once the kids will be found. Sakshi comes there and says that she went to the temple. Purvi gets Arjun’s call and asks about the kids. He asks her to come to the construction site with 10 crore rupees. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


The kids hear Arjun’s conversation with Purvi and understand that Arjun has lied to them. Manas decides to move from there. Arjun comes there and asks where are they going. Manas says that they are getting bored so want to go out. Manas makes excuses that he wants to go washroom and goes from there. Juhi also elopes from there. He tries to catch them. Virendra reaches the construction site with Sakshi and Purvi. He says that he is not going to leave him. Sakshi says once they get the kids, he can do anything with Arjun.

She thinks it’s good for her if Arjun will die. Arjun sees Virendra, Sakshi, and Purvi and thinks that they should not get to know that the kids are not with him. He asks about money first. Purvi calls out the kids taking their names. They come out and tell that how they heard his conversation. Arjun snatches money and elopes from there. Purvi sees that a pillar is about to fall on Manas so she tries to save him but the pillar falls on both of them. Others rescue them. Purvi comes to her senses and admits Manas to the hospital.

Purvi hugs Juhi while crying. Virendra is also worried for Manas. Prakashi comes there and taunts Purvi. Virendra tells her that she saved Manas. Later, the doctor informs everyone that Manas is safe now but he needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. Sakshi thinks now she can get her family and says that she is ready to become pregnant. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. The doctor asks Virendra to think soon. Purvi and Virendra leave the place. Sakshi convinces Virendra to get him emotional. They both are in the bedroom and Sakshi tries to come close to him but Purvi comes there and says to Virendra at least he should have waited for her yes. Sakshi says they know her answer. Purvi says yes she is agreed but… What will Purvi say? To know this, you have to watch today’s episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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