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Molkki 26th June 2021 full episode written update: Purvi’s Lie Gets Caught By Virendra!


Today’s episode begins with Vipul as he says thanks to Purvi as she is agreed to marry him. He says that he is very happy. Purvi is thinking that how can she marry Vipul when she loves Virender. She says to him that no one can able to forget their first love. He asks if she loves him. She says to him that she is happy with the marriage. Virender hears them and thinks why Purvi is lying. After some time, Purvi meets Virender and tells him that the maid is not well. Purvi gets shocked seeing him as he is eating sweets.


Virender says to her that today she told Vipul that she loves him and it’s good news as she confessed her love so he should have sweets. She says to him that he is a diabetic patient so he can’t eat this much sweets. He says to her that he very well knows that she is lying and acting as she is doing this marriage only for Sakshi’s happiness. She says that Vipul is her first love so she again falls for him. She asks her not to marry as she doesn’t love Vipul. He says that he knows that he is her true love. She leaves the place hearing Vipul.

Ahead, Sakshi asks Virender to choose a dress for her for the Haldi function. He says to her that he won’t attend any ritual. He says to her that she forced Purvi to say yes to this marriage. He says that he is behaving like this because he loses the bet. She goes from there asking him to get ready. Haldi function starts, everyone plays a game in which whoever makes wear Purvi garland first, will apply the Haldi first on Purvi. Virender wins the game and applies Haldi on Purvi. Suddenly, Purvi’s parents come there and her father asks to stop the marriage.

Virender takes her aside. Sakshi asks her to make him understand. They both go into a room where¬† Virender gives money to Purvi’s father and says thanks to him. He tells him that he can’t let this marriage happen at any cost. Her father says that he will support him. After a while, Purvi’s mother sees money in Purvi’s father’s purse and questions him about it. He tells her that Virender gives it to him as he asked him to stop Purvi’s marriage. Purvi hears them and goes to Virender directly. She questions him. He asks her then why is he marrying Vipul. Virender challenges Purvi that the Haldi competition won’t be done. Watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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