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Molkki, 26th August 2021, Written Update, Virendra And Dhvani Come Face To Face


Today’s episode starts with Virender as he gets to know that Purvi is Daksh’s fiance. He thinks about what type of game god is playing in their lives. He reminisces every past incident that happened before meeting Daksh’s fiance. He decides to go to Daksh’s house to clear all the confusion. Here, Daksh asks Purvi that why she stopped him from saying the truth. She says that she will not forgive herself if something happens to Nani. She asks him to continue the drama till Nani is in India. She asks him about Nani. He tells her that she went to the venue.


Daksh says that they also have to leave for the venue. After some time, Virender arrives at Daksh’s house where he gets to know about Purvi’s engagement with Daksh. Here, Chandni admires the decoration. Daksh says thanks to Nani for arranging everything so soon. Nani says that she has brought a special gift for Purvi as she is going to become her daughter-in-law. She gives her their family outfit and asks her to wear it on engagement. She goes to get ready and gets flashbacks of her past. She feels uneasy. Virendra makes a call to Daksh who invites him for the engagement.

Here, Purvi is thinking about what is happening with her. Virender reaches the venue and Chandni notices him. She shows Virender to Nani and tells her that she likes him. Nani asks if he also likes her or not. Chandni again dreams about Nandini. She falls down while dreaming. Virender helps her. She says to him that doesn’t know what happen to her seeing him. He says that he came here to meet Daksh and his fiance. She says that they both are getting ready for their engagement. Daksh sees Purvi and gets mesmerized. She asks him what happened. He praises her.

While Purvi pulls his leg saying that he is also looking so so. She asks him to change his hairstyle. Later, Daksh and Virender meet each other. Purvi gets her scarf from Virender’s car. Then Puriv falls into the pool and Virender saves her. He gets shocked seeing her and gets emotional. Daksh gets to know about it so he thanks Virender to save Purvi. He says that they were business partners earlier but from now, he is family to him. Everyone dances and changes their partner while the dancing game starts. Virender and Purvi dance together. Ahead, Virender goes to her and says that why is she doing all this drama. She can’t do this engagement. He adds that she belongs to him and will always be. You can catch the upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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