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Molkki 25th October 2021 full episode written update: Virendra Purvi shocked to hear Sakshi, Manas in danger


Molkki 25th October 2021 full episode written update: Here we are with the written update of your favorite serial “Molkki”. this is the most-watched drama on the channel and the audience highly appreciates the concept of the drama. The drama is going on so well and the main leads are playing their characters so well. This time the drama is consists of a story about a woman who has been suffered a lot in her life as she is from a poor family and has to become a Molkki. After which her life takes a turn and she is facing a problem. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


As we know that Arjun kidnaps the kids but the kids aren’t aware of the fact that they have been kidnapped by him. But when Arjun calls Purvi and he asked others to give him 10 crores only after this they can be able to get back their children home. Kids overhear his conversation and they get to know about the fact that they have been kidnapped by him. So both of them make a plan and then they use to run from there but Arjun get to know about this and he can’t let them go. On the other hand, Vijender also knows that Arjun kidnapped his kids.

Later Juhi and Manas somehow manage to run from there and Virender also reaches the same place with Purvi. Then the pics kids and use to shower a lot of love to them. Purvi also does the same. Then we will see that Virender goes to Arjun and he tells him to first let him meet the kids after this he will be going to give money to him. But Arjun doesn’t know where the kids are and he tells him to give money first after this he will let him meet the kids.

Meanwhile, Purvi used to yell kids names and they also yells back to her that we are here. But then Arjun snatches a bag of money from Virender’s hand and he runs for them. But Virender tries to stop him by shooting at him but he missed it. Later the pillar falls on Purvi and he gets injured after this Sakshi and Virender take her to the hospital. And the doctor also tells them that Mnas is injured and he has a spine injury for which he needs a transplant and for this, he must have a sibling. And the episode ends here.

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