Molkki, 25th November 2021, Written Update, Virender beats Purvi’s father: The episode starts with Sakshi as she is enjoying the whole drama and says this is what she exactly wanted to happen. She reminisces that how she bribed Purvi’s father to lie regarding Purvi. Purvi’s mother tries to stop Purvi’s father but he threatens that he will kill her. He tells her to obey Sakshi’s words. Later, Sakshi says to Purvi’s mother that she also has a son and if she won’t follow her orders, she can lose her son. Sakshi gives her choice between her daughter and son. Purvi’s mother agrees to do as Sakshi asked her to do. Sakshi thinks that Purvi will get out of this house as Virendra won’t allow her to stay in this house. Follow More Update On


Purvi questions her mother that why is she doing all this and who asked her to do this. Renu says to Purvi that why she did this with her. Purvi says that she didn’t do anything. Virendra sees Purvi face. He asks Purvi’s father about the truth and says that he will kill her if she won’t reveal the truth. He defends Purvi. Meanwhile, Sakshi says to Virendra that he shouldn’t trust Purvi that much and tells him to believe at least Purvi’s mother. Renu says to Virendra why is she trying to defend Purvi even after knowing the whole truth.

He says to Renu that he won’t listen to a word against Purvi. The police later arrest Purvi’s father. Purvi decides to get to know the truth. Here, Sakshi manipulates Renu against Purvi. Renu says to her that she doesn’t care about Purvi but today she is thankful that her culprit is in jail because of Virendra. Sakshi shows a video in which Purvi’s brother is in trouble and asks Purvi’s mother to tell Purvi to arrange bail for Purvi’s father.

She says to her that you should be careful and not let anyone know about her involvement in this matter. She leaves the place. The next day, Purvi’s mother tells Purvi to manage bail for her father. She tells her that she will lose her brother if she won’t arrange bail for her father. After some time, Purvi’s father comes to the palace and Virendra gets shocked seeing him. He asks him who get him out of jail. He asks Virendra to question her wife. Purvi admits that she get her father out of jail. What is going to happen next? Watch tonight’s episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 pm.


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